Dunya thanks foreign partners for help during water crisis

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dunya Maumoon has written to the foreign ministers of India, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia to express gratitude for assistance given during the recent water crisis.

“The people and the Government of Maldives are heartened by the strong show of solidarity and humbled by the generosity of our friends,” wrote Dunya.

“With your kind support and the resilience of the Maldivian people, the crisis has been resolved and normal water supply has resumed.”

Relief efforts included the arrival of fresh water supplies in multiple Indian military aircraft as well as passenger aircraft from China and Sri Lanka. Additionally, India sent two naval vessels, with China and Bangladesh also sending ships.

Singapore provided technical assistance in repairing the damaged panels in the Malé Water and Sewerage Company’s desalination plant after a December 4 fire left 130,000 people in the capital without running water for 7 days.


3 thoughts on “Dunya thanks foreign partners for help during water crisis”

  1. Have you ever seen Maldives donating anything to any other country to their own nation.

    The entire nation is stingy and has hidden agenda.
    Very good in taking. never shares anything.

    Eventfully cut the helping hand.
    World know this and never be sustained this nation.

    No any spiritual development in their minds.

  2. @bulletchina

    very well portrayed.these morons dont deserve this beautiful country


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