EC announces official results of Majlis polls

The Elections Commission (EC) announced the official results last night of the parliamentary elections that took place on Saturday, March 22.

A number of ballot boxes were reopened to address complaints from candidates before the official results were announced. However, the recounts did not affect the outcome in any of the 85 constituencies.

The official results did not differ from the preliminary results announced last week.

As 189,482 out of 240,652 eligible voters cast their ballots on Saturday, voter turnout for the parliamentary polls was 78.80 percent.

The number of male voters was 95,744 while the number of female voters was 93,898.

Speaking at a press conference held last night to announce the official results, EC member Ali Mohamed Manik noted that 52 out of 75 complaints lodged at the national complaints bureau had been addressed.

None of the remaining complaints could affect the outcome, he said.

Under electoral laws, candidates could file cases at the High Court within 14 days if they are unhappy with decisions by the complaints bureau.


One thought on “EC announces official results of Majlis polls”

  1. i have told that this election will show that we the majority of Maldivian do not want Nasheed and his thugs to play any role in this country.

    MDP need a reform badly and they need to be free from Nasheed disease if they ever want to gain the popularity in this country.

    Nasheed is a man who could not managed his own small timber trade business and can not accept to manage a country.

    These are facts and people will have to be judged by thier action and history will prove .


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