Economic Council to decide on how to proceed with TATA flats

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Dr Mohamed Muizzu has stated on Monday that a decision on how to proceed with the flats constructed by Indian construction Company TATA can be made only after the Economic Council deliberates and decides on the matter.

The minister stated that it had been noticed that no physical work had been constructed at the site of the flats since the structure had been built. He said that the government has already held discussions with the subcontractor after work was halted.

“At the time, the concerns they raised had to do with agreements and amendments made to agreements before we started leading the ministry during the Waheed administration,” Muizzu is quoted as saying in local media.

“As the matters were raised outside the agreed contract, and the whole concept is a developer finance concept project, we were unable to accommodate their requests and we left it at that then.”

According to Muizzu, the current delays are due to the government’s refusal to conduct any work outside of the agreement.

“It is when the Economic Council decides on the manner that we will know how to proceed. We have even been deliberating with the Indian High Commission about the matter of work on these flats being halted,” he stated.


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  1. On the bright side, the undeveloped areas are slowly being reclaimed by nature. Too bad the savages inhabiting the area often use the constructed sites as some sort of refuse heap.


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