Education Minister fights back against no confidence motion

Education Minister Dr. Mustafa Lutfy has sent information to members of the Majlis regarding issues raised by 10 MPs who have filed a motion of no confidence against him, reports Miadhu Daily.

It is important that members of the Majlis are given the real facts about these issues, says Miadhu, and in a document on the Education ministry’s website Dr. Luthfy has responded to seven issues raised by the MPs.

Dr. Luthfy says that he has taken steps to strengthen Islam and Dhivehi at Maldivian schools, including the separation of Islam and Koran which was previously taught as one subject, offering innumerable opportunities for professional classes for Islam and Koran teachers, obtaining assistance from the ministry of Islamic Affairs to establish prayer rooms in schools and encouraging schools to make time for prayers, and for schools to take in the lead in promoting the practice of praying.


One thought on “Education Minister fights back against no confidence motion”

  1. Good on you man, someone needs to bring these camel riding cave men down a peg or two.

    I am with you. And I am writing a letter to my MP to support you. I ask all those who agree to do the same.

    Don't think these MPs can do what they want they are still working for us...we are paying for them. And they waste our money and time. We need to show these guys where they come from. Remind them what they said a few months back. Those people aren't kings of the Maldives they are our reps, cos we are too busy making a DECENT living for ourselves while they are ripping every Maldivian off.

    If you don't like what they are doing bombard them with letters, you don't have to beg to them at their houses you can demand it. ORDER THOSE MPs about. ITS YOU RIGHT TO DO SO.


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