Elections Commission discovers 38 cases of fraudulent voter registration

The Elections Commission (EC) has revealed that 38 people’s names have been fraudulently re-registered to vote outside of their home towns in next month’s presidential poll, local media has reported.

The fraud emerged when those concerned informed the commission that they had not in fact re-registered.

CNM also reported that 36 names had been registered in more than one polling station. The EC explained that these people will therefore remain registered at their original location.

The EC has declared that 240,302 voters are eligible to vote in the upcoming presidential elections, 31,008 more than the number of eligible voters in the 2008 presidential elections (209,294).

As the deadline for registration passed last week, the EC reported that 65,745 people had re-registered, surpassing original estimates of 65,000. The EC will publish the final voter registry on August 20.


One thought on “Elections Commission discovers 38 cases of fraudulent voter registration”

  1. It's fraud and daylight robbery of hearts and minds, when the hope-to-presidents, commit and promise to deliver everything on earth, and then conveniently forgetting them after election, or start blaming the opposition for their lack of initiatives to deliver.

    These candidates nust be help accountanle for their Blatant lies, commitments they make, in order to win. If that is not a crime, then these names swapping, double registrations are not crimes either.


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