Environment Minister attends International Renewable Energy Agency session

Environment minister Thoriq Ibrahim has told the plenary session of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to take the lead in creating space for renewable energy technologies.

The Abu Dhabi based international organisation began its fifth session today, with Thoriq leading the Maldivian delegation and stressing the importance of IRENA in pushing countries to transform toward renewable energy.

IRENA counts over 100 states and the European Union as members, both supporting and providing a platform for international cooperation on the adoption of sustainable energy.

Thoriq also briefed the plenary session on the Maldives’ efforts to transform its own energy sector, revealed last year in the Accelerating Sustainable Private Investments in Renewable Energy programme (ASPIRE).

The ASPIRE programme aims to increase the proportion of sustainable energy consumed in the country by developing solar panel projects and fostering private sector participation for the development of renewable energy on the islands.

It was also announced in September that the government had a five-year target to generate 30 percent of electricity from renewable energy sources, though the government has also pledged to search for oil within the Maldives’ territorial waters.

More than 170 countries and representatives from 50 organisations are participating in the 2 day IRENA assembly, explained the Maldives Ministry of Environment and Energy.