Environment ministry launches waste management campaign

The ministry of environment and energy has launched a waste management campaign today to raise awareness among the public.

The ‘Saafu Raajje’ campaign aims to “promote public education and awareness on proper waste management and reduction of waste being thrown out on to the streets, parks and other public places and on to the sea,” the environment ministry said.

The ministry is organising a clean up event at the Usfasgandu area in Malé on Saturday at 7am.

Environment minister Thoriq Ibrahim launched the campaign at a ceremony held at the Hotel Jen in Malé.

In his remarks at the function, Thoriq said individuals have a responsibility to keep the Maldives’ fabled natural environment clean. The lack of a proper waste management system was one of the biggest challenges facing the country’s environment, he said.

Work is underway on establishing island waste management centres in 44 islands across the country, Thoriq said.

The environment ministry meanwhile sent out mass text messages today with an appeal to keep public spaces clean and free of garbage.