Expatriate port worker injured in Malé

An expatriate worker has been injured at Malé commercial harbour, local media have reported.

Police informed Sun Online that lorry driver was injured during an accident between his vehicle and container lifting machinery.

Two port workers were killed in April after a crane snapped while loading a container onto a ship.

The Ministry of Transport has announced an infrastructure and operations audit for of all commercial harbours in the the country after port workers claimed authorities had failed to address their safety concerns.


2 thoughts on “Expatriate port worker injured in Malé”

  1. There was a very serious accident happened just few days back. A Maldivian got his half leg lost in the accident but Minivan never was able to have that reported here.

    Basically this news is trying to portray a different message to the audience/readership .

    Double standard and no ethics are maintained in writing articles and News etc.

    Freedom of speech does not mean it has no boundaries and journalism does not mean that media does not have any boundaries and responsibilities.

    Minivan is totally biased and is a propaganda machines and have not ethics at all.

    1. @Hero

      Apologies for our failure to report the Rasgetheemu councillor's accident. We were aware of the story but felt there was little we could add to the excellent coverage provided by Sun Online and Raaje.mv.

      We felt it worth mentioning yesterday, however, that there have been concerns regarding the safety procedures at the port already this year.


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