Family blames doctor after mother dies during labour

A 34 year-old pregnant woman who was admitted to Laamu Atoll Regional Hospital died after undergoing a cesarean.

Family members claimed the doctor mistakenly cut some veins during the operation, reports Haveeru, despite receiving three pints of blood in an emergency transfusion.

The woman had requested to undergo a C-section as she felt the baby was large, however the doctor declined until the last minute, the family told Haveeru.

After the cesarean, the hospital advised the family to take her Male’ as soon as possible, but since the family was unable to catch a flight that night they waited for a Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) helicopter to arrive the following morning. The woman died that evening.

The hospital has declined to comment, only stating that it would provide information to the press after a staff meeting.

The baby survived the procedure and is in a stable condition.


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  1. On your Facebook feed you also said this:

    "The paper said rumors also say that the doctor conducted the operation watching a video."

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