‘Fat lies’ in leaked letters supporting bribery allegations: Yameen

People’s Alliance party leader Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom says letters published on a Dhivehi language website contain “fat lies” and that he had never asked a MDP Majlis member to join his political party, reports Haveeru.

Seven letters were sent recently to President Nasheed by MDP Majlis members claiming Yameen and Jumhooree party leader Ibrahim Gasim had tried to bribe them. The letters in PDF format published on the website are two letters signed by Hulhumeedhoo Majlis member Ilyas Labeeb, and five letters signed individually by Madaveli member Mohamed Nazim, Kedhikulhudhoo member Ahmed Eesa, Thinadhoo member Mohamed Gasam, Machangoalhi-South member Mohamed Rasheed and Baarashu member Mohamed Shifaz.

At the end of last month, letters were presented as evidence by the police at the High Court as evidence supporting charges of treason and bribery against Yameen and Gasim, but Haveeru ‘could not confirm if the letters are the same’. The letters on the website claim that Yameen and Gasim offered ‘rewards’ if the MDP Majlis members join the opposition People’s Alliance and Jumhooree Party, according to Haveeru. Mohamed Gasam confirmed the credibility of his letter and said it was sent to the President because of offers he had been receiving from Gasim since February.

Ilyas Labeeb told Haveeru he had not seen the leaked letters, but when the contents of the two letters signed with his name were read out, he confirmed that he had written a letter “to that effect”.  President’s Office press secretary Mohamed Zuhair told Haveeru he could not confirm the credibility of the letters. “I have also seen the letters,” said Zuhair. “I cannot say whether the [leaked] letters were the letters sent by the MPs [to the President], since the investigation is underway.”


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