Ferry prices of Villingili and Hulhumale’ rises

The MTCC has announced that its ferry prices will be increased next month, reported SunFM.

SunFM reported that the Villingili ferry will cost Rf5 per ticket and Hulhumale’ ferry will cost Rf8 per ticket, starting from the 15th of next month.

Currently Villingili feryy costs Rf3 per ticket and Hulhumale’ ferry Rf5 per ticket.


5 thoughts on “Ferry prices of Villingili and Hulhumale’ rises”

  1. These are the signs of Anne dhivehiraajje which Anni promised. The cost of daily living is going high and high while the salary remains same or some people lose these their jobs. The MPs have got a salary incrementof Rf 20000 while the poor ordinary maldivians are dying to cope with these unacceptable changes of life, brought by the current government.

  2. so the government has made a new agreement with MTCC? agreement extended without call for proposal? or initial agreement says 3 rf for viligili

  3. I call to abolish MTCC monopoly of Hulhumale and Villingili ferry services. For the crappy service they provide 2 rufiya should be enough.

    Is this a policy to discourage people living in hulhumale and villingilli? should we move back to Male?

  4. hey, guys there are changes u have loved before few years.

    as per the request of publice Anni is making u Ane Dhivehiraage. (new maldives).

    everything will be under aifora fashu soon. let him give a chance to make u beautyfull maldives.


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