Fiqh Academy advises against importing kosher meals

The Fiqh Academy of Maldives has issued a fatwa (legal opinion) stating that the importation and sale of kosher meals – foods that conform to Jewish dietary laws – is not advisable under Islamic Shariah.

Following its research of kosher foods, the academy however found that neither its ingredients nor production process involved elements forbidden by Shariah.

While consuming kosher meals was therefore not forbidden for Muslims, the fatwa stated that it was not advisable to introduce a Jewish product to an Islamic nation such as the Maldives.

The fatwa was signed by the academy’s President Sheikh Mohamed Rasheed Ibrahim – former chief justice and head of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs under President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom – and ten other members of the academy.


4 thoughts on “Fiqh Academy advises against importing kosher meals”

  1. So why is import of alcohol, porkmeat etc allowed under sharia?
    Just to fill some peoples pockets?

    Is it allowed to import any haram goods from all these non-believer-countries?

    Is it allowed then for members of any other faith than Sunni Muslim to enter the country and leave their money?

    Some people need to start thinking ...

  2. It's a secret, but Kosher is exactly the same as halaal. Different religions, same idea of 'religion-based diet'.

    Yes, the Fiqh acaedemy has just banned Halaal foods.

    Have fun eating pork now!

  3. I am amazed....... Is it really so bad to import kosher foods when alcohol and pork already is being provided due to tourism industry??

    This kind of thinking and decision making does not belong in this century.
    Should Europe banned Halal food too??

    Its not the food - its because it is food for Jews - thats the problem, right?

    No wonder war is happening in this world of this is the level of tolerance is being shown.
    Its not a Synagogue they are asking....

  4. Great, It will fasten the thought process of others to ban Halal in Civilized world.
    In Race between Humanity and Barbarism Maldivians should think rationally and be proud of their DNA and re-humanize themselves.


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