First lady discusses Maldives autism challenges in India

First Lady Ilham Hussain yesterday visited India’s National Center for Autism, highlighting the need for greater training opportunities for Maldivians working with local sufferers of the condition.

Hussain’s visit, which coincides with a government visit to India, was made in her capacity as a founder member of the Autism Association of the Maldives.

Whilst at the centre, the first lady spoke with senior staff and discussed work being undertaken in the Maldives on raising awareness about autism, according to the President’s Office website.

Hussain also stressed the importance for more training opportunities at the National Center for Autism in India, particularly for Maldivians working with children suffering from the condition.


2 thoughts on “First lady discusses Maldives autism challenges in India”

  1. i would like to say that this initated step by people of maldives will help the local population of maldivies to overcome extensively the problem of Autism..
    however Autism prevalence rate has increased to 1 in 87 births around the world,,,

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