First lady visits patients at Hulhumalé hospital

First lady Fathmath Ibrahim visited patients at the Hulhumalé hospital today.

According to CNM, the first lady inquired after the health of admitted patients and sought information about improving the hospital’s services.

Late last month, the first lady visited chronically ill patients at the state-run Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) and distributed packages of rice, dates and cans to the disabled in Malé and its suburbs Hulhumalé and Vilimalé.

An eyewitness at the IGMH said he saw the first lady handing out envelopes with money to patients.

“When I asked them what the envelope was, they gave it to me and I saw the envelope said it was from the couple and contained MVR1,000,” he said.

But the first lady’s secretary denied rumours that she had distributed money to the sick at the IGMH.