Former President assures “no grudges” against police and military

Former President Nasheed has offered assurances to police and military officers that he bears no grudges, rancour or ill will towards them, and would not pursue any form of retribution should he be elected on September 28.

The former President, who stepped down amid a police and military mutiny on 7 February 2012, has previously sent letters addressed to members of the security forces containing a similar pledge.

Speaking at a jagaha (campaign hub) near the Bandeyri Koshi in Male’, where a number of military families reside, former President Nasheed said the MDP’s objective was to ensure that the police and military become professional institutions.

The MDP government brought a number of changes to the functioning of the police and MNDF, Nasheed said, which were accepted by senior officers as the reforms have not been reversed or undone.

Nasheed noted that almost all senior officers under former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom remained in the service following the 2008 transfer of power.

Retired officers should be able to live with respect and dignity after serving with pride, Nasheed continued.

Even current Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim, a former colonel, was allowed to retire in lieu of an ignominious sacking, he added.

Nasheed said 90 percent of the military were given promotions while he was commander-in-chief, in contrast to only senior officers receiving promotions under the current administration.

A number of police officers awarded flats had complained about unaffordable down payments, Nasheed said, noting that the MDP’s policy was to ensure that a citizen would not have to spend more than 20 percent of his or her salary on rent or mortgage payments.

Nasheed pledged to build flats in the Bandeyri Koshi area for police and military officers, prioritising families already residing in homes in the reclaimed area of Male’.


4 thoughts on “Former President assures “no grudges” against police and military”

  1. I do hope this does not mean, no reforms within tbe national bulky very political police institution.

    Former president nasheed should know his voter base is electing him desiring extreme reforms.

  2. another political propaganda to win the elections. but sorry, too late... police and military do not need promotions. what they need is a leader who will be worthy of their respect. got it???

  3. This is what Maldives really needs, PEACE! Islam IS Peace.

    EVERY Maldivian Politician and business man should refrain from praying for or desiring JUSTICE, in case they MAY JUST GET IT!

    Given THAT scenario, in this context, forgiveness is the way forward.

    Islam IS Peace, it literally means PEACE. In this context, Peace and Islam can only be served by such magnanimous forgiveness, Brother and Sister hood, Unity.

  4. Islam the word has a more closer literal meaning to submission and not peace, Islam is submission.

    What the popular electorate is asking for is reform not to go on a vendetta, seeking reform and restructuring does not mean taking a war path, Maldivians need to think long term, peace can be achieved by planning and bringing into peace good practices, regulations and policies which would prevent further conflicts and mitigate abuse of power.

    Don't gust say fate will take care of things and wait, don't submit to fate.

    In quran there is a verse that paraphrased in english would mean god does not change the state of a people unless they do it themselves


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