Four arrested in Badidhoo safe robbery

Police arrested four people in Dhaal Badidhoo today in connection to the theft of a safe with over Rf58,000 (US$4,500) at the island council office in the early hours of Friday, reports Sun Online.

A security watchman at the council secretariat was left bound and gagged by the thieves. The 55 year-old sustained minor injuries in the assault.

An official from the council told Sun Online that today’s arrests were made after police had prohibited anyone from leaving Badidhoo without permission.

The safes at the former Badidhoo island office and health centre were robbed on two occasions in the recent past.


One thought on “Four arrested in Badidhoo safe robbery”

  1. Its very easy to deny everything. And the constitution has loop holes big enough for a 747 to fly through.

    About 1% of criminals get caught, and that's not by a lot of great acumen from our venerable police, but by the stupidity of the criminals themselves. Some of those would contest the crown for the most stupid criminals shows on TV.

    And then, even the last straw falls over. The 1% caught, passes through the HRCM lovelies, Judicial stupids, Penitentiary imbeciles...Suddenly you find there are no criminals in the country. Hence no jails are needed. A clean white paradise on earth.


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