Fourth expatriate stabbed in Malé

An expatriate worker was stabbed in the Galolhu ward of Malé around 7:10pm on Wednesday, reports local media.

Police said the expatriate is undergoing treatment at the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital after his arm was slashed in a scuffle near the Auto Garage. His condition is not serious, police said.

Today’s assault is the latest incident in a recent spike in violence against expatriates.

A 25-year old Bangladeshi, Shaheen Mia, was stabbed to death in a Malé café in the early hours of the morning on Sunday (March 22), while a Bangladeshi national identified as Bilal was found dead in Alif Alif Atoll Thoddoo Island on Monday night.

The following day, three expatriate workers were stabbed between 7:20pm and 7:40pm in three different locations in Malé.

Police have yet to make any arrests in connection with either the murders or the stabbings.