Free medical camp held in Kaafu Guraidhoo

A free medical camp organised by the Maldivian Medical Association as part of the Doctors Day 2014 activities was held in Kaafu Guraidhoo yesterday (April 26).

The medical association noted in a press statement today that the state-run ‘Home for People with Special Needs (HPSN)’ is located in Guraidhoo.

The one-day health camp included various medical specialist outpatient clinics, the association noted, including specialities ranging from internal medicine, surgery, paediatrics,obstetrics and gynaecology, psychiatry and dermatology.

“The camp is a collaborative effort between the following different stakeholders, namely Maldives Medical Association, Public and Private Medical services, health-related NGOs, Ministry of Health and Gender, Home for People with Special Needs, Guraidhoo Health Centre, Guraidhoo Island Council and Island Office, Rihiveli Resort and private sponsors,” the association noted in its statement.

“It is planned to conduct regular free health camps in K. Guraidhoo hereafter. The camp is a voluntary effort on the part of doctors, organised through the Maldivian Medical Association. [Saturday’s] camps volunteers [were] Dr Abdullah Afeef, Dr Hykal Mohamed, Dr Ubaid Abdullah, Dr Jumailath Begum, Dr Arif Mohamed and Dr Shahid Ali Mohamed.”