Funds allocated for councils in next year’s budget lower than 2014, says LGA

Local Government Authority (LGA) CEO Dr Ahmed Shukry told parliament’s budget review committee yesterday that funds allocated for city, island, and atoll councils in the 2015 state budget was lower than this year’s budget.

Shukry said the amount allocated for the Malé City Council, six atoll councils and 43 island councils was MVR25 million (US$1.6 million) less than this year.

If the requested amount is not provided, Shukry said many councils would face difficulties paying salaries and utility bills, which was already a recurring issue.

In addition to the LGA, a number of independent institutions, the National University of Maldives, and the judiciary have told the budget committee that the finance ministry has not allocated the requested amount of funds in the record MVR24.3 billion (US$1.5 billion) state budget for 2015.