Gasim Ibrahim – From domestic aide to Kingmaker: The Island Online

In an interview with Sri Lanka’s The Island Online publication, Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim discusses his background, February 7, the recent presidential election.

Gasim is currently in Sri Lanka as part of the delegation accompanying President Abdulla Yameen on his state visit.

“They [Commonwealth countries and the UNHRC] were under the impression that the Election would not be held because their favourite candidate Mr. Nasheed had said so, but were proved wrong,” said Gasim.

“Article 113 of our Constitution requires the Supreme Court to rule on any violations of election laws brought to its notice. It is unethical and wrong for anyone to question the legitimate role of the judiciary in a democracy.”

Asked if he was disappointed at not becoming president, Gasim responded: “Yes, in a way. I possess  a vision and programme of work for the country which I believe the others do not have.”

“In that respect I am disappointed. Nevertheless, I am happy that Yameen, a person with enough political, ministerial and administrative skills, has been elected Head of State. Of course if I was President, I would have done things differently. However, now that my party is a member of the government I will extend my fullest support since the interest of the country will always come first for me.”

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  1. Mr. Burma Gasim the king maker. 2008 with Nasheed 2013 with Yameen. My guess is he would have to gracefully accept that as the highest honour he would get in politics.


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