Gasim Ibrahim undecided on whether to contest presidency in 2013

Maamigili MP Gasim Ibrahim, leader of the Jumhooree Party, has said he does not intend to back or become running mate of any candidate in the 2013 presidential elections, though he has not ruled out standing for the country’s top political position himself.

Speaking to Haveeru, the former Finance Minister explained that he had opted not to back any candidate for the presidency in 2013 after taking criticism for supporting President Mohamed Nasheed’s ultimately successful campaign in 2008.

“The people are blaming me [for Nasheed’s election]; that this and that happened because of what I did. A large number of people are putting the blame on me,” he told the paper.  “How can I be sure of what would happen to me when I try to bring another person to power? I can only do something for my own self.”

After reportedly supporting Nasheed’s candidacy on the back of the “good things” the president said during campaigning, Gasim said that he had resigned as Home Minister after just 21 days into the new administration.