Gayoom awarded SunFM ‘Personality of the Year’

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom was awarded the SunFM ‘Personality of the Year’ at a ceremony on Wednesday night.

Gayoom received 44 per cent of the SMS vote, with his former deputy Ahmed Thasmeen Ali coming second with 31 percent.

In other categories, business magnate Champa Hussein Afeef was voted the business personality of the year, actress Mariyam Afeefa the female entertainment personality and singer Muhthar Adam the male entertainment personality of the year.

While the sports awards went to volleyball players Aishath Nazima and Ibrahim Nizar, Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MPs Ahmed Mahlouf and Ali Waheed were chosen as the most popular MPs.

The awards were handed out by SunFM owner and MP Ahmed “SunTravel” Shiyam Mohamed. Shiyam was also a deputy leader of the DRP before he resigned in the wake of Gayoom’s presidential election loss.


2 thoughts on “Gayoom awarded SunFM ‘Personality of the Year’”

  1. Personality of the year for doing nothing and sitting at home or living abroad for most part of the year. This is a bloody joke. The best parliamentarians were DRP thugs Ali Waheed and Mahloof. It would have been great if they were awarded for their role in parliament. The best THUGS. This shows the motive of SunFM management. Who really listens to SunFM ?? very few. Shaheeb ,his CEO and the owner Siyam are a bunch of idiots. Even the callers to this radio complain that if anyone criticizes DRP or Golhaa, the calls are cut short but any anti govt calls are welcome as long as the caller likes. You think people take this seriously. Everyone we know laughed about it.


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