Gayoom warns of spread of “secular ideology”

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has warned of the spread of “secular” or “irreligious” ideology in the Maldives, reports local media.

Speaking at a ceremony held last night to hand over funds to the Progressive Party of Maldives’ (PPM) branches, the ruling party’s leader was quoted as saying that “our responsibility should be to protect the country and uphold the principles and tenets of Islam.”

Gayoom warned of “an ideology to allow other religions on Maldivian soil” as well as efforts to instil values or practices that were contrary to Maldivian traditions and culture.


6 thoughts on “Gayoom warns of spread of “secular ideology””

  1. I thought Islam teaches tolerance of others. The world generally recognises that freedom of and freedom from religion is a fundamental human right. It's a shame that Mr Gayoom does not apear to care for the individual rights of the Maldivian peole.

  2. this old man is just ridiculous.
    we are lucky that there is no gayoomism.
    if there was we should all hand over everything we work for to him because he is god.

  3. @Somnabulist
    what does the west have in the way of tolerance? Apparently they have a problem with muslim women's veil, mosques minaret and even beards. As for freedom of thought or expression, try a favorable opinion about the defeated Germany in world war2. Remember Hitler was was elected by popular vote and by higher margin than all current western leaders. Had the allies lost the war to Nazi Germany we would be reading about the crimes of Churchill rather than what we are forced to believe now about Hitler.

  4. we will not allow other religion to take the root in this country . If some one want to practice thier religion do so in private and do not try to infiltrate in our society .

    We had enough of this nonsense during Nasheed regime and we the people of Maldives have said no to that. In a democracy, people have to follow majority also.

  5. @Hero: Your views on democracy is deeply disturbing. What of the rights of the minorities, are they to be ignored in your utopian "democracy"?

    What if the tables were to be turned on the Muslims and we were to be a minority, for instance as in America or UK? Are they to convert to Christianity (or denounce religion altogether) because "in a democracy, people have to follow majority also." Nothing but hogwash!


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