Thinahoo police station attack trial postponed due to suspect’s exams

Four suspects involved in the attack on the Thinadhoo police station in Gaaf Dhaal Atoll on February 8, 2012 are to have their trial postpone due to one suspect taking his GCE O’level exams.

A Juvenile Court official said that the trial has been postponed until 17 December.

The four suspects – all aged 17 – are accused of causing damage to  Thinadhoo police station and attacking police officers between 4:30pm and 8:30pm on February 8. They are also suspected of forcibly entering island’s Council Office on the same day.

They have been charged under article 6 (b), with reference to article 2 (f,g) of the Terrorism Prevention Act.

Article 6 (b) states that any person found guilty of the act of terrorism shall be sentenced between 10 and 15 years imprisonment or banishment.

Eighty-seven people have been charged with terrorism for torching government buildings and vehicles at the police station.

According to Media Official of the Criminal Court Ahmed Mohamed Manik, a trial for this case has not been scheduled.