Geomorphologists meet in Maldives to seek climate change answers

A group of ‘geomorphologists’ are holding a five day meeting in the Maldives to discuss the impact of climate change on the country’s landmasses, and how the marine ecosystem may be affected.

Newspaper Haveeru reported that the scientists meeting  on Paradise Island Resort would devise research policies for the next four years, covering both inhabited and uninhabited islands across the country.

Environment Minister Mohamed Aslam said the research would enable an understanding of how reefs are formed and help determine the impact of climate change on reef structures.

The Maldives is currently suffering from the worst coral bleaching since the 1998 El Nino event, with reports of up to 50 percent bleaching in some areas of North Male’ Atoll as water temperatures rise.

Marine biologists have expressed concern that reefs may be one of the first ecosystems to perish because of climate change.