GMR tells Indian television of Maldives government’s silence

Sunanda Jayaseelan, reporting for India’s CNBC -TV18, has been told by GMR’s management that it has received no official word from the Maldivian authorities regarding the troubled Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA) development.

CEO of the GMR Maldives Andrew Harrison told the station that the company was open for dialogue.

“I don’t really understand how there could be a lack of transparency. Our position is quite clear. We are very transparent and open,” he said.

Sidharth Kapur, Chief Financial Officer of airports at GMR told the station that the investment climate in the country was not good.

“While we have invested both debt and equity into this project, these kind of problems naturally affect the investment climate of any region,” said Kapur.

Discussing the GMR case last week, the Maldives National Chamber of Commerce and Industries (MNCCI) assured Minivan News that investor confidence was not being harmed due to the legal wrangling, though he did describe the investment climate as “challenging”.

Government aligned parties have called for the airport to be nationalised while questions concerning the legality of the deal have seen the matter taken up in a Singapore arbitration court.


8 thoughts on “GMR tells Indian television of Maldives government’s silence”

  1. We all believe that GMR is wrong since our true leaders in PPM say so. If PPM believes so, then it must ve true.

  2. It is pre-requisite to be a member of MDP to be a Maldivian and then bow our heads to Anni. Since Anni did the deal , Maldivian are proud of this cookery deal.

    Rest of people living in Maldives are not Maldivian and they have no say in this GMR deals.

  3. To Minivan

    I wish to express my concern about this person called Mody whose writing is becoming increasingly incoherant and focussed on inciting hatred towards President Nasheed.

    I understand and applaud your stand for freedom of speech and to allow everyone to write whatever they want in your newspaper.

    However, may I remind you that newspapers of established democracies such as the USA and the UK and Sweden etc, do filter the content of letters written to their papers which are considerd by their editors as carrying the potential to create distress, and compromise their personal safety. Freedom of expression is not about character asasination, and slander.

    I urge the Editor of Minivan to take heed of my request, because, in light of the violent murder of Dr Afrasheen, it is very possible that such an attack on President Nasheed could come from this writer, he seems to be on the edge and appear to have no boundaries.

    I certainly do not see Mody as a reasonable person interested in the welfare of the people.

  4. @Hamza VTV
    Well said brother, the true leaders (hypocrites) of PPM have been releasing toxic gases since they started the coup. there will come a day when they r forced to inhale it themselves. wait n see

  5. GMR is well known case and it is a deal that is done under the table .

    Anni resolve the board who refused to sign the agreement and appointed new board and got them signed the contract less than 24 hrs.

    Saleem people like you have no tolerance and you want to listen and accept what you think is right.

    People like you never want to respect the others and do not have feelings for others.

  6. After you lost government position, still you hat the people who dos not agree your views.

    Please try to understand others and try to listen and hear the victims from your time too.

  7. Given half a chance Indians would swindle everything out of the victim.

    We now know Indians did it for their Telecom licenses, slipping payments worth literally billions of dollars. Their Government made huge losses there.

    We now know that MDP was across the table with GMR for the Airport negotiations. Whether MDP was swindled dry, or they are part of it, remains to be proven.

    Either way, the FACT remains, GMR conned us dry on these negotiations. Once again proving how utterly stupid, and ignorant Maldivians are!!!


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