Government closes national offices established by Nasheed

The Home Ministry has closed the seven national offices established by Former President Mohamed Nasheed to oversee government projects at regional and local level.

The administrative structures of the seven national offices, formerly called  as the Province offices were formed by Nasheed’s cabinet in March 2011 to oversee developments within seven regions across the country to try and coordinate national developments within the decentralised councils.

Then-opposition had argued that the formation of National offices contradicted the purpose of decentralisation.

The National office’s will be closed from Thursday and all the services will be continued through atoll and island councils, Home Ministry’s Deputy Abdullah Mohamed told Haveeru.

The staff  will meanwhile report to the councils and the assets will be transferred following an audit, Mohamed said.

According to him, as the offices were established under a presidential decree, it will be officially dissolved with a decree.


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  1. Good. What a waste of money by the foremer president Nasheed who bankrupted the country in 3 years more than Gayoom did in 30 years. Thank God teh man is gone.


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