Government cuts costs of foreign missions, sacks staff

The government is cutting the costs of its 13 overseas missions, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Abdul Samad Abdulla told local media today.

“Foreign mission expenses are very high. In addition to the salaries, a large sum is spent on rent for officials,” Samad said, noting that the Maldives spent MRV 3.5 million (US$227,000) a year just on rent for some employees based overseas.

As well as curtailing maintenance of some missions, Samad said Councillor at the high commission in Malaysia, Hassan Khalid, and Deputy High Commissioner of the Maldives to India Khadeeja Ibrahim had also been dismissed “after serious deliberation”, Samad said,


2 thoughts on “Government cuts costs of foreign missions, sacks staff”

  1. You realize this now? I've heard that Waheed's children are living the dream overseas. And dont forget the ridiculous salaries of the MPs. Cut everything. Back to the poorhouse for everyone.

  2. Are you cutting costs or is B. Waheed divorcing PPM? Khalid was sponsored by MP Histo Shifag Mufeed and Angry Bird Jameel. Khadie was sponsored by Yameen. If you were cutting costs you would be better off withdrawing Baghee Waheed's family members from embassies! His son in New York; his nephew in New York; his brother-in-law in Colombo. Waheed has seen the cannibal in Samad and is asking him to purge all PPM members!


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