Government has received 208 reports of child abuse so far for 2013: Human Rights Minister

The Ministry of Family, Gender and Human Rights has received 208 reports of child abuse so far this year, Minister Azima Shukoor has said.

In a statement marking Children’s Day, Shukoor said 83 percent of all reported child sexual abuse claims involved young girls. In addition, Shukoor said the ministry has also been informed of 43 cases of child neglect.

“The number of children facing abuse at one point in time in the Maldives is a number that is unreasonable for a country with such a small population,” she said, according to local media.

β€œThe abuse of children is on the rise. Children being used as sex workers, where the children are sent to places as a means to pleasure people and to gain an income from such a trade. This is being practiced in the Maldives today. Both boys and girls are being used in this trade,” Shukoor said.


4 thoughts on “Government has received 208 reports of child abuse so far for 2013: Human Rights Minister”

  1. So? Isn't marriage a contract to sell a girl's parts to the most religious man? Aren't misyar and mutah marriages part of mullah law? Isn't it the right of a parent to marry off their children? Isn't child marriage still legal in Dhivehistan?

    Given all this, I don't see what all the fuss is about. Perhaps if someone mummified her with a body bag she'll think clearly. After all, women are deficient in intelligence aren't they? Maybe that's why she didn't mention any solutions. Or have the mullahs, aligned with her government, already muzzled her?

    Sex education, contraception, family planning, abortion and the very concept of childhood are anathema to Dhivehistani culture. They'd rather breed like rabbits, beat their children and sell them for drugs. And if anyone complains divert their attention by writing khutbahs blaming us homosexuals for being child abusers, predators, abortionists and weather-manipulators.

  2. "83 percent of all reported child sexual abuse claims involved young girls"

    No, you have it wrong. You see, 100% of child sexual abuse is by homosexual men on male boys. Isn't this a Dhivehistani fact, along with slavery and the boy-lovers of Paradise? Please don't blame heterosexuals. It just isn't right.

  3. This tiny country has the highest divorce rate in the entire world. something is going wrong!

    These abuse numbers and the culture of jumping into marriage/ attitude towards intimate relationships needs to be addressed. There are other huge issues we are facing with lots of implications for society too but all our candidates care about and campaign on is whether
    MDP is laadheenee/secular or not.

    WTF is going on here? Is that really the most important thing we need to be discussing right now?

  4. No one is campaigning how they will improve pour social and cultural values and our economy.

    They all talks bullshits on how the public money will be wasted.

    Nasheed had drag this country to a point of no return and the country is on the verge of collapsing now.


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