Government informs diplomats of decision to take action on airport issue

The government has informed diplomats regarding its decision to “take action” on issues related to Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA).

Government spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza mentioned that the GMR contract was discussed, but did not give any further details.

A senior official of the President’s Office said that the information was shared with diplomats during a teleconference held by Riza and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dunya Maumoon on Tuesday.

“They were informed that the contract results in serious losses to the state, and that the government has decided to take action on this issue,” the official said.

Rumours have been circulating social networking sites over the last week that the government plans to annul its contract with GMR at a cabinet meeting this Tuesday (November 27).

Minivan News obtained a personal letter sent by GMR Chairman G M Rao to President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik, proposing an amendment to the Airport Service Charge exempting Maldivian nationals from having to pay the fee.

The letter notes that there has been no correspondence from the President’s Office regarding the proposal prior to sending the letter.

No information has been disclosed by the government regarding the GMR contract. However, anti-GMR parties said after meeting with the President, he had assured the government’s decision on GMR will be “as per people’s wishes”.