Government invites international experts to observe Nasheed’s appeal hearings

The government has invited experts from the United Nations Secretary General, the Commonwealth, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the European Union (EU) to observe the appeal hearings of former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Nasheed was found guilty of terrorism and sentenced to 13 years in prison on March 13 over the military’s detention of Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed in January 2012.
“On behalf of the Government the invitation was extended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Dunya Maumoon,” read a press statement from the foreign ministry.
“President Mohamed Nasheed was sentenced on 13 March by Criminal Court of Maldives for abducting a sitting judge in 2012.”

3 thoughts on “Government invites international experts to observe Nasheed’s appeal hearings”

  1. Surveillance indicates that a large shipment of oranges and ipads were purchased from singapore, and is being held in aarah, pending 'payment' to these representatives.

  2. Nasheed will not appeal if this was open for foreign observers.

    Since he will get exposed , I can guarantee that Nasheed will not appeal and will find multiple excuses not to appeal.

    Nasheed is a criminal and he had hijacked this country for his own benefit. But we will not allow this to get continued any longer.

  3. @Hero: The only thing exposed is that the judiciary are indeed criminals.


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