Government pledges to step up community-led decision making

A “Community Cabinet” has been established by the government in a move it has claimed will help bring more direct links between its work and local people.

The government specifically hopes to make greater use of public opinion in its decision making by travelling out to local and more far-flung island communities.

Along with direct discussion, the President’s Office said it was also considering making greater use of computers and online communication technology like social network sites to speed up communication with the public.  Popular sites like Facebook and Twitter are expected to be used as part of the focus.


One thought on “Government pledges to step up community-led decision making”

  1. This obviously a joke right? We can't do it so we get the general public to do it for us?
    I suggest you also have a community spokesperson, but get a brighter one. A community Supreme Court, but get an honest one. A community Majlis but get one that can actually debate honestly.
    Alternatively (and a lot cheaper but more radical) you could start being brighter, more honest and talk to people, you never know, it may even work.


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