Government to build futsal pitch for expats in Lanka

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has announced it will build a futsal pitch for the use of Maldivian expatriates in Sri Lanka, say media reports.

Additionally, Minister of Tourism Ahmed Adeeb is reported to have personally donated a gym for the exclusive use of Maldivians in Sri Lanka, thought to number just under 10,000.

The MVR1 million (US$65,000) futsal pitch is expected to be finished in two months, while the gym was opened yesterday by Ambassador-at-Large Abdulla Hameed alongside officials from Maldives High Commission in Colombo.

President Abdulla Yameen has previously announced his intention to renovate Sosun Villa – formerly the site of the high commission – to provide cultural and educational activities for Maldivians, including Dhivehi language, Islam, and Quran classes.

A youth centre was also opened at Sosun Villa in June for young Maldivians living in Sri Lanka.

Source: Haveeru


7 thoughts on “Government to build futsal pitch for expats in Lanka”

  1. There's a dire need for facilities in Male, but the government is spending its money to build in Sri Lanka?

  2. How about building some recreational venues in Maldives first. There is already plenty of things to do in Sri Lanka without the need for this waste of money.

  3. How can it be "exclusive" for Maldivians, when it is built in Sri Lanka. Cant Maldivians do something without discriminating. Problem of people who dont know what are good policies. To me it is like the Indonesian embassy in Sri Lanka. Outside of it there is a notice which says no one should wear sandals and sarong. Sri Lankan national dress includes white sarong, which is even worn by the President of Sri Lanka.

  4. We don't need more Islamic fundamentalism in Sri Lanka thanks to the Maldivian government. We definitely do need the "Muslim only" policy of the Maldivian government in Sri Lanka.

  5. @Sri Lankan: Majority of Maldivians in Sri Lanka are just there to buy drugs. Just bust'em and deport 'em. Problem solved.

    PS: Build a Sri-lankans only sports complex in Mal'e and hire some Blackwater Security personnel to make sure no idiot bombs the place.

  6. Priorities!
    A futsal ground that will be used by a few Maldivians in Colombo.

    Just a few weeks ago we were queuing up to get water and asking for foreign nations to help the Maldives Water Crisis Management fund.


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