Government to release full details of economic reform agenda

The government will publicise its entire economic reform agenda at a launch on Monday, President Mohamed Nasheed has said.

Speaking during his weekly radio address, Nasheed downplayed the “unfavourable consequences” of the reforms he said were being predicted by some members of parliament and “a few business associations”, stated that the package of bills would allow further development and promote growth in the Maldives.

Nasheed also noted that 40 convicts had been released under the government’s ‘Second Chance’ program and were currently being rehabilitated. The government is also running a program to train 8500 local workers in various skills, in a bid to combat widespread unemployment, particularly among young people.


One thought on “Government to release full details of economic reform agenda”

  1. I voted for a change. Expecting any change would be a better one.

    I did not heed the saying before, 'be careful what you wish for', but I honestly think, this is among the worst blunders I contributed to make happen.

    I apologize to the whole country, for voting MDP, in last elections.


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