Government to review doctor salaries

The government is to review that salaries of doctors in the Maldives after reviewing a paper submitted to cabinet by the Ministry of Health.

According to the President’s Office the cabinet advised the president to amend the salary structure from 2014, to address some of the difficulties the country is facing in attracting foreign doctors.

Minivan News reported in September 2012 that expatriate medical professionals working in the Maldives regularly face intimidation, fraud and “substandard” treatment from patients, health authorities, local staff and the country’s courts.

One expatriate medical professional, who has worked in several posts across the country since 2009, revealed that along with widespread reneging on contracts and failing to deal with intimidation of expatriate medical staff, health officials had, in certain cases, not even checked whether foreign doctors were registered to practice medicine.


One thought on “Government to review doctor salaries”

  1. Paying unregistered doctors out of taxpayers' money is probably a prelude to include ruqya-peddlers and exorcists in the govt payroll. Modern medicine includes haraam things like vaccines, alcohol-based drugs and exposing the private parts. A witch doctor's mumbling and chanting is good enough. After all, fatalistic Dhivehistanis leave everything upto their Allah.


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