Government “won’t be bullied by MDP”, Dunya tells Sunday Times

Daughter of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and newly-appointed State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dunya Maumoon, has told Sri Lanka’s Sunday Times that “the government of President Waheed refuses to be bullied by the Maldivian Democratic PArty (MDP) into any particular position.”

Following meetings with the diplomatic community in Colombo, Dunya acknowledged that many were keen to know when the early election would be held.

“Most of the diplomatic community understand and believe the commitment of the government to strengthening democracy and protecting human rights, but some countries are very focused on the election date. But this is not the starting point for the dialogue process. Many other steps we have to take before that, and one, is to let parliament progress,” she told the Times.

“The MDP says they are not going to let anything proceed unless a date is given for an election. We are adamant that they don’t bully us by holding on to that election date. The government is in command. The President has considerable support. It is not right to allow a single party or a single individual to hold the country to ransom,” she said.

Gayoom would play an advisory role “behind the scenes”, she said.

“My father wants to be behind the scenes”

“My father has extended his support to President Waheed and he has offered his services in an advisory role but he wants to be behind the scenes,” Dunya said.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed maintains that the new government came to power in a coup de’tat, after he was forced to resign “under duress”.


3 thoughts on “Government “won’t be bullied by MDP”, Dunya tells Sunday Times”

  1. Yeah! behind the scenes like the mafia boss who controls waheed and instruct his faithfuls in power in the national defense Force and Maldives Police to attack mercilessly all those who oppose the illegitimate government brought about by the Coup.

  2. i am just amazed that these people have the guts to open their mouths, i know the past couple of years have been a bit tough not living in 39 million mansion theemuge..and for you & your family this will be time to take revenege, which you did by the organized coup on 7th Feb...thats the difference between you Dad & President Nasheed, the latter will never stoop that low!!

  3. Thats true. Puppet Waheed can only be bullied by my 'Dad' no one else, only we have the right to pull his strings...!! Quite right!!


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