Hanimaadhoo women take over council office

A group of women on the island of Hanimaadhoo in Haa Dhaal Atoll have taken over the island council office in protest on non-payment of six-months worth of wages for sweeping and cleaning the island.

Haveeru reports that the women gathered outside the council office yesterday and stopped anyone from entering. After leaving the area late in the afternoon, the disgruntled women together with some youth on the island blocked the three gates of the council office this morning.

Hanimaadhoo Council Chair Abdusalam Ali said he was allowed to enter the office only to send a message to the Finance Ministry.

He explained that the women were owed a total of Rf150,000 (US$10,000) as remuneration for six months. The protestors meanwhile insist that they would not leave the office until they were paid.