Haveeru hands out sports awards

Haveeru last night issued 23 Sports Awards to players of football, basketball and volleyball.

The Golden Boot award was given along with a cash prize of Rf 20,000 (US$1,297) was given to football player Ibrahim ‘Oppo’ Fazeel. Last season, Fazeel scored 29 goals–one goal more than Ali ‘Dhagandey’ Ashfag.

Ashfag, however, was recognised as ‘best footballer’ with Rf 30,000 (US$1,945) in cash. Fazeel ranked second for the award while Mohamed ‘Bakaa’ Arif took third, each receiving Rf 15,000 (US$972) along with trophies.

Asadhullah Abdullah was named ‘best footballer’ under the age of 21.

In basketball, Ismail Vildhaan Yoosuff won the best male basketball player award under age 21, while Ruleyha ‘Rizy’ Ibrahim won in the female category of the same age group. Mohamed Zilaal was recognised as best male basketball player of the year, and Aminath Shiura won in the female category.

In volleyball, Ahmed Anil Naseer and Hawwa Rasheed won ‘best player’ for the ‘under 21’ category. Ishan ‘Batis’ Mohamed and Suhana Ahmed won ‘best player’ for the game overall.

Awards for best referee and best coach were given to Mohamed Fareed and volleyball coach Can Vanli, respectively.

Ibrahim Ismail received a lifetime achievement award. Ismail is president of the Olympic committee.


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  1. The most corrupt award goes to Reeko.
    Most hypocritic award goes to sheikh Shaheem.
    Most naive award goes to Faseeh.
    Most useless award goes to dr Waheed.


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