HDFC to provide housing loans to police officers

The Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) has decided to introduce a loan scheme for allowing Maldives Police Service (MPS) officers to build their own homes, according to local media reports.

Haveeru today reported that the Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz had used his official twitter stream to announce that the scheme would allow all police officers to get a home loan.

Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef has said that the loan will be released to officers to build houses which are registered in their own names. He went on to say that the Police Commissioner was undertaking a lot of efforts for the development of the police force.

HDFC states that it has been providing housing loans to all government employees, but that the scheme has only recently been introduced to the police. Haveeru quoted a HDFC official as saying that they have previously received numerous requests from police officers for the loan, and that it has now been facilitated since the corporation has come to an agreement with the MPS.


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  1. Riyaz Jux tweet, stating the f word, what are you going to do about it.. more to come.. wait and watch..


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