Health Minister says compassion can cure sector’s ills

Minister of Health Dr Ahmed Jamsheed has told local media that 80 percent of the problems in the healthcare sector could be resolved if patients were spoken to in a more compassionate manner.

“We have to keep in mind that patients are usually worried. They don’t go to the doctor for fun. We have to provide patient-focused services,” he told Sun Online.

He said that one bad experience by a patient can affect an entire community.

Referring to issues regarding the payment of salaries in the sector, Jamsheed said that these concerns were related to problems in the Finance Ministry.

“Problems with receiving salaries should not affect their work. That should not be the attitude of health sector employees,” he said.

Sun Online also reported that Minister of State for Health Lubna Zahir had stated that the HIV spreading behaviour was on the rise in the Maldives.

Speaking at the closing of the Enhancing the Response to HIV/AIDS in the Maldives project, Lubna said that the risk was highest amongst drug users.

“We have collected information that shows that behaviours that contribute to the spread of HIV are increasing at an alarming rate. The risk of HIV spreading fast in the Maldives is extremely high,” Lubna is quoted as saying.


4 thoughts on “Health Minister says compassion can cure sector’s ills”

  1. Huh? Really?

    A friend of mine, a businessman, tells me, Maldives has some very unique characteristics. One of the most telling of our character is that, no Maldivian will ever wish a better future to any of our fellow Maldivians. If your neighbour has something you don't have, you will be so jealous that the relationship will very quickly turn to animosity. No Maldivian firm will order anything from a local firm, if they can do so from abroad, even though they cost the same.

    So you see, jealousy, envy are engrained deep within this isolated community. So sad...

    You seek compassion? Wow, that's like a drop of water on a burning hot furnace.

  2. where did Quack Dr. Ahmed Jamsheed come up with this statistic of 80 percent? Pulled out of his hat for sure!! Haha good one this number dho!


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