‘Help Syria Through Winter’ campaign raises over MVR600k

A fund raising campaign dubbed ‘Help Syria Through Winter’ conducted by local NGO ‘Help’ has raised MVR605,907 (US$39,294) in three weeks.

According to Sun Online, a delegation from the NGO recently departed for Istanbul, Turkey to deliver the funds, which are to be used to purchase four ambulances.

Fund raising activities that took place across the Maldives included selling T-shirts and placement of fund boxes as well as religious workshops and sermons.

The fund raising efforts were led by NGO Salaf preacher, Sheikh Adam Shameem Ibrahim.


2 thoughts on “‘Help Syria Through Winter’ campaign raises over MVR600k”

  1. Not food and water for the needy, but weapons for foreign jihadis to torment the Syrian people. Exploiting fellow muslims for profit. How much lower can those traitors go?

  2. Rightly said maldivian, the clerics are in no hurry to reach heaven to enjoy the virgins, but they are doubly determined to see gullibles die for them,so as to enable so called clerics to enjoy power and wealth


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