High Court to rule on Majlis reappointment of auditor general

The High Court has today accepted a complaint lodged by former Auditor General (AG) Niyaz Ibrahim challenging the appointment of his replacement.

Niyaz was dismissed from his job when President Abdulla Yameen on Monday approved Hassan Ziyath as the new AG hours after 59 MPs voted in his favour.

The ruling Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) had pushed through a surprise amendment to the Audit Act on October 29 requiring the AG be reappointed within 30 days.

Niyaz’s lawyer Ibrahim Riffath told Minivan News Niyaz could not be dismissed half way through his seven year term through an amendment to the Audit Act.

“Article 215 of the Constitution clearly sets the AG’s term to seven years. Niyaz was appointed in May 2011. Further, Article 218 states the AG’s position only becomes vacant if the incumbent resigns or through a no confidence vote by the People’s Majlis,” he explained.

“The Majlis will have to amend the constitution to dismiss him by any other means.”

Niyaz has also requested that the High Court issue an injunction on the enforcement of the new amendment.