High Court verdict on Usfasgandu case to be issued Tuesday

The High Court today held hearings on the Usfasgandu dismantling case after the government appealed the matter, following a Civil Court injunction to halt the dismantling operation.

The government appealed to cancel the Civil Court order to stop dismantling of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) protest site, and to return all items confiscated from the area by security forces.

Attorney for the State Ahmed Usham contended that the Civil Court’s order was completely in favour of the MDP, and also contradicted normal procedures for issuing court orders. He further said the Civil Court had not granted sufficient time and opportunity for the State to respond to the court order.

In response, MDP lawyer Abdulla Afeef said the Civil Court gave the State ample time to respond considering the situation at the time.

A verdict on the case will be issued tomorrow, said High Court Judge Abdul Rauf.


One thought on “High Court verdict on Usfasgandu case to be issued Tuesday”

  1. We already know the verdict. This Judiciary is biased towards Maumoon. But the so called honourable judges are proving a point to the world community. Tighten the noose around your necks so that veryu soon you dishonourable lot will suffocate


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