Higher education will shape the future of Maldivian democracy: Vice President

The future of democracy in the Maldives is tied to the country’s embrace of higher education, according to Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan.

Speaking at the Consultation Workshop on Future Higher Education in the Maldives, Dr Waheed said he doubted the Maldives could develop a thriving democracy “without a free and high quality education system”.

A higher education system would set what was built and developed at lower levels, he explained, and therefore it was vital to improve the “very weak liberal arts education foundation that we have today.”

“We need to broaden our understanding and our conception of needs of higher education in our country than merely filling vacant jobs,” Dr Waheed said.

The Consultation Workshop on Future Higher Education that was held yesterday was organised by the Department of Higher Education, with the assistance of the World Bank.

The main objective of the workshop was to consult with a wide audience of stakeholders in higher education, which would lead to the preparation of a master plan in higher education in the Maldives.