Hithadhoo hospital start date awaits funds

Construction of a Rf385 million hospital project for Hithadhoo of Addu City will begin in early 2012, pending funds.

The project will provide new buildings and services to Hithadhoo Regional Hospital, Haveeru reports.

Construction will begin once funding has been secured.

The government last week announced its intention to sign an agreement with Islamic Development Bank (IDB) during the upcoming SAARC summit. The agreement would provide a US$25 million loan to the new project.

Addu City infrastructure is currently being upgraded to accommodate the 17th annual SAARC summit between November 10-11. The new convention center where the summit will be held is the Maldives’ largest building.


One thought on “Hithadhoo hospital start date awaits funds”

  1. It comes with a great pleasure to hear the news.A very long drean of people in Addu and the reagon.Its something that we are crying for decades.
    We "Adduans" need to have good health care facilities and proffesionals to work in those infrastructures.
    What we realy want to see is a proper hospital that provides a professional level of superb service to its customers.Not just a building which may look nice for the eyes.But a place with proper medical equipment and professional team of doctors and specialist operate it.
    I do believe things are happening in Maldives.Which will be benefited by its people.It doesn't matter where it is....


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