HRCM condemns post-election political unrest

Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) has released a press statement condemning the current cases of political unrest occurring in the Maldives following the first round of the presidential elections held on September 7.

“HRCM condemns the use of inhumane rhetoric which is against national interest and provokes unrest in the community, calls to cause harm to people, the damaging of peoples’ property and campaign offices of political parties,” the statement read.

“The commission also strongly condemns the acts of physical violence, the use of inappropriate language, the damaging of state property, and other acts by members of parliament which demeans the respect and dignity of the parliament in the parliamentary session held on September 23.”

“While freedom of expression and freedom of assembly are important rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the Maldives, this commission advises all persons to exercise these rights within the limits outlined in the constitution and laws. This commission also calls out on everyone to refrain from any actions which may give rise to discord or unrest,” the statement concluded.