HRCM meets two member Commonwealth team

The Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) has said that the commission met with a two member team from the Commonwealth on September 4.

The statement said that the President of HRCM Mariyam Azra, deputy President of HRCM Ahmed Tholal and commission member Dr Ali Shameem attended the meeting on behalf of HRCM while the two members from Commonwealth were Commonwealth Advisor and Head of Political Affairs and Goods Office Rita Yavan Raj and Political Affairs Advisor Alison Pierman.

The HRCM said it had highlighted and thanked the Commonwealth for their close monitoring of the situation in Maldives and the Commonwealth’s efforts to “provide immediate assistance when needed to ensure just and peaceful solutions.”

The Commonwealth team meanwhile noted that “HRCM had been playing a very important role in helping the country ease the ongoing political tensions and encouraged the commission to continue to do so.”