Immigration Department announces changes to service provision

Immigration services will now be offered solely online, Senior Immigration Officer Ahmed Nadeem has told Haveeru.

Services such as extending visas, renewing work permit cards, and paying deposit money will now have to be done online. He added, however, that people would still be able to visit the office for collection of passports and the payment of visa fees.

Nadeem told Haveeru that this change in policy would reduce waiting times and increase the speed of service provision.

He also stated his belief that the new system would greatly reduce instances of fraud in the immigration process.

It is estimated that the number of immigrants in the Maldives will equal the local population by 2018.


One thought on “Immigration Department announces changes to service provision”

  1. Yes the system can apply online thats very easy to submit the work permit but as far it will be more easy use email online . As far I know the document must scan and submit through the system take hours but to email it never take more than 5 mint.
    It is very good system but as far still because of excellent system by senior immigration officer Nadeem and NCIT mention still why using Manuel system now., and I don't think still the system is fully Finnish and even can use online payment and things bec the capacity is not there in that system still.
    Can talk but before demo version used and test Nadeem will never say about this and that in media


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