India expresses hope that second round will go ahead as planned

“India believes that it is of utmost importance that the electoral process is allowed to proceed unhindered so that the second round is conducted according to schedule and the will of the people of Maldives is fully recognised,” the Indian Ministry of External Affairs has said.

“It is important that all sides respect the verdict and aspirations of the people of Maldives. We hope that the second round of Presidential elections will be held as scheduled on September 28, 2013 in a similar transparent, organised and peaceful manner.”

The statement, released in response to media enquiries, again praised the conduct of a first round it describes as “unblemished by any notable incident”.

The statement also reiterated the observations of Indian election observers, who had praised the Maldives Elections Commission as being “logistically well-prepared for this election”, as well as describing the much-criticised voter registry as “accurate and robust”.


2 thoughts on “India expresses hope that second round will go ahead as planned”

  1. why India is bothering about this.

    I guess this country has enough strength to carry out this election and this country does not require the blessing from India to convene the election.


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