India issues first installment of US$100 million loan to Maldives

The Indian government today handed a US$30 million (Rf462.6 million) loan to the Maldives Finance Minister Ahmed Inaz to settle Treasury Bills (T-Bill) sold to various parties.

The loan was presented by Indian High Commissioner to the Maldives DM Muley, in the form of a State Bank of India (SBI) cheque.

At the ceremony, Inaz noted that the loan was part of a US$100 million (Rf1.5 billion) loan that is being provided by the Indian government. The remaining US$70 million (Rf1 billion) will be provided in the near future, he said.

Altogether, the loan is expected to settle the T-Bills. Earlier this year, Parliament authorized the state to seek a maximum of Rf1.3 billion (US$8 million) from T-Bill sales.

To date, the government has allegedly acquired over Rf700 million from T-Bill sales this year. The government sold Rf750 million (US$45 million) in T-Bills today alone.


2 thoughts on “India issues first installment of US$100 million loan to Maldives”

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  2. @Mohamed Jaiz
    thanks for the fact sheet. but what does that have to with india, tbill loans or issue at hand?

    about the t-bills:
    one can argue for the benefits of issuing t-bills, but here's the thing... we keep digging our own graves with the whole loans and t-bills brouhaha. isn't it time we just simply learned to live within our means? nufoaraa fothin foogalhan noolheyshey bunanee kamei vegen dho? does anyone of us realize that we are in a recession? with our currency being devalued over and over again, majority of us are calmly sitting down in cafe's busting money we can save up and wasting time! people wake up! we're in a recession and things are going to get tougher. we live a pretty cute bubble (i'm tempted to add in a collection of fantasy stuff like rainbows and butterflies), but what happens the day this damn bubble bursts? when all our idealistic lifestyles fade into the harsh realities of our country?? where do we go? india? china? aussie? smarten up people. they'll take care only as long as they get something. once that promise is over, we'll probably be back to the post ww2 scenario, snacking on magoo faiyy, while the government throws grandiose exhibitions in the name of progress!


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